Windsor Thieves

by Windsor Thieves

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released November 15, 2011



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Windsor Thieves Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: After Dark
It's doesnt matter that we look the same,
We got our haircut when we felt the same.
Jeans rolled up is all the rage, denim cut off is a fashion stage.

I light fires in a Melbourne park,
Evade the law because it's after dark.

We were on the same page,
but it tore away,
Walk a new gait to act deranged.
It's obscene that this scene is on replay,
We're up and down, up and down,
But such is our way.
Track Name: Anatural Selection
I don't know, how you handle
All the shit that I put you through.
But to you, its a struggle.
Because these plans dont match you.
Im in anatrual selection,
Where you choice who you're going to be into.

It's not hard to look in my eyes and lie, If you dont cheat on me tonight.

We're caught up, in a scandle.
That's blown out of proportion.
A pinch, is recognition, that Im not dreaming.
i'm stuck, as an alter-ego, I'll appear the way you need me.
Track Name: Young Boy's Heart
Give me two seconds, to tell you all the right things I've done.
Because it might be, but unlikely that I need to be on the run.
And Im dreaming, you forgave all the band things I've done.
Because you can't see, where I got them from.

Im struggling, but you'll save me,
Because you're well in tune to a young boy's heart.

I wont be caught with red hand by my side.
This distance, doesn't have to be, with us.
You made me recite, from the back of my hand.
There's nothing more uncertain, than a page we haven't turned yet.